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Program Management Features

We specialize in building program management solutions for Accrediting Bodies, Human Service Organizations, Education and Educational Reform Organizations, and other nonprofits. Common features include:

System of Record and Engagement
A consolidated, integrated system is essential for gaining a holistic view of constituents. Improve data integrity and be assured your data is up-to-par for legal compliance.
Streamlined User Experience
Apply UX best practices to create easier to track steps and workflows. Obtain a real-time view of progress through complex processes, like advanced scheduling engines for staffing visits and meetings.
Portals for Constituents and External Users
Offer self-service portals for peer reviewers, evaluators, or volunteers to manage their progress, receive updates, register for training/events, and complete tasks on-demand.
Consolidated Document Management
Create an easily accessible document repository and support evidence collection. Easily merge data in Salesforce into templates for reports and other documentation.
Robust Reporting and Analytics
Aggregate and analyze critical data and improve reporting. Leverage a native report builder and visual dashboard components. Integrate with BI tools like Tableau.
Build for Scale
Scale your system over time to manage workflows and increase productivity through automations and integrations.
Increased Constituent Engagement
Collaborate across geographically dispersed, remote teams. Engage with constituents in real-time. Reduce time spent on customer support through Community access.
We've built hundreds of solutions for social impact organizations. Click below for a demo of our Accreditation Management Solution.