Hello. We’re Presence.

Today, every company is a software company. Presence helps companies make great digital products. We have the chops to help with strategy, design, engineering, and business process, and to jump in at whatever stage of development you’re in.

  • Strategy

    Iconic products hinge on great experiences. Great experiences are born from understanding and defining user needs, business goals, brand vision, and market realities. Presence guides you through this process to fully imagined product concepts and roadmaps that align with real market opportunities.

  • Creation

    Go from concepts and prototypes to production-ready products, quickly and effectively. Our multi-disciplinary teams bring deep expertise in product management, design, and engineering to every project Presence works on. Rapid iteration and continuous testing let us develop high-quality products, consistently.

  • Support

    The product team’s work doesn’t stop with the first release. The Presence team will support products, train teams, and evolve strategy well beyond the first customer. Wherever your product and team needs ongoing support, Presence is there.

How We Work

Product development models come in all shapes and sizes. We’re model agnostic. We break development down into its constituent parts and, from those parts, build a process tailored to you. We stay flexible and create products that are as unique as your company.

Presence approaches every project from a holistic point of view. This way, we make sure decisions align with your business goals and the realities of the market. And our immersive approach takes us into your space and makes an extension of your team. It also invites you into our space to learn new ways to work out design and development challenges.

Close collaboration leads to better results. And by the end of a project, the daily practice of creating and delivering products has soaked in, arming your team with skills to reach the next goal.


Jason Monberg
Mitch Pergola
General Manager
Eric Müller
Director of Technology
Sara Chieco
Director of Technology, Social Impact
Sara Chieco
Director of Technology, Social Impact
Sara Chieco
Director of Technology, Social Impact


Great minds don’t think alike.

In the product world diversity breeds innovation and groupthink is Kryptonite. We keep minds sharp and thinking fresh with our In-Residence Program. This is where we invite experts who are influencers in their fields to contribute to our product ecosystem and share our space.

So far, our In-Residence contributors have included engineers, designers, an anthropologist, and one highly specialized switch designer. Some have moved on to take on a new challenge. Others stayed, becoming permanent idea generators and problem solvers. All have left us — and themselves — better off than before they took up residence.

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’d love to meet you.


Kickass products happen when a group of people with different and offbeat backgrounds and deep expertise work together well. Are you an anthropologist with serious business chops? A mechanical engineer who digs design? A strategist who builds drones in your spare time? Something we haven’t even heard of yet?


We are hiring!

Senior Full-stack Front End Engineers

Senior Technical Lead

Senior Backed Engineers


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