Digital product design, development, and product management — all under one roof.


Presence builds digital products that push technology boundaries and power business success.

We specialize in understanding your business needs and developing your product in a way that will truly benefit your organization.

Client Types

Our multidisciplinary teams specialize in web, mobile, and emerging technology for clients across verticals and industries.

Fortune 1000
We develop products informed by your business objectives. We adeptly navigate corporate structures and work with teams of all sizes to accelerate product development.
Small and Medium Business
We develop products and offer technical leadership that's sized for small-to-medium businesses. With us you can not just maintain, but incrementally improve, your technology.
We accelerate your product into market by leveraging our expertise and industry best practices. From design to delivery, we'll lead you to a successful product launch.
Private Equity
We are experts in digital transformation: turning business valuations into digital business valuations. We'll apply our expertise to your portfolio to increase enterprise value.
We have a history of successful engagements with complex and heavily regulated verticals, including energy, science, military, utilities, and municipalities.
We craft strategies and build solutions, web-based services, and apps for nonprofit organizations. We are experts at utilizing best-in-class tech to turn your mission into real-world impact.

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