Winston Retail enables hundreds of thousands of in-store retail visits with a mobile-first reporting platform.
  • Improved accuracy

  • Significant reduction in reporting time and effort

  • Increased data insights via client dashboard

Winston brings brands to life at retail by completing hundreds of thousands of in-person store visits across the United States. National retailer and international brands are able to virtually be a part of each visit through a detailed store visit report featuring before and after photography, to prove value and return on investment. These reports were once done nightly on desktop computers uploading photos from digital cameras.

Presence transformed Winston’s reporting platform into a top tier, mobile-first system. Associates are able to fill out their reports as they go, saving time and ensuring accuracy. AR ensures perfectly aligned photography. Clients have personalized dashboards, with real-time access, for increased insight and understanding of their business. Presence created a clean and efficient user interface on a powerful platform, for a seamless and enjoyable experience for both associates and clients.

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