Marketing & Advertising
Watchwith creates the foundation for next generation audience engagement.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced cost via a new framework with a single code base

  • Reduced time-to-close through a sample application for sales demos

  • Increased knowledge sharing through Presence's immersive collaboration method

Watchwith, an advanced platform for in-program advertising and audience engagement, was building a unique solution for every client because it lacked a unified code base—which cost them both time and money. Watchwith knew it was time for a next-generation framework. The new framework needed to operate across phones, tablets, desktops, smart TVs, and set-top boxes; input devices included touch, mouse, keyboard, and TV remote controls. With major network partners joining within a few months, Watchwith only had eight weeks to complete key features of the framework and develop a sample app.

To get a framework from whiteboard to full blueprint within Watchwith's short timeline would require a deep understanding of user needs, market needs, and product strategy, as well as the ability to streamline development. Presence answered these core questions in days, not weeks. By day two of coding, the new architecture had been laid out and a plan was in place for how to deliver it.

Using Presence’s immersive collaboration method, the Presence and Watchwith teams split time between the two companies. This allowed Presence to fully understand Watchwith’s culture and offered Watchwith’s team members a way to focus on this project and absorb agile work principles. The end result was exactly what Watchwith wanted: a new framework with a single code base and a sample application for sales demos.

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