Parents Helping Parents
Health & Human Services
Parents Helping Parents builds an organization-wide system that multi-tasks as much as parents do.

  • PHP can track its fundraising and program data in one Salesforce system.

  • Reports and dashboards help PHP visualize who they are serving and which services they are providing. 

  • The new system saves staff time by minimizing staff manual work.

  • Staff feel empowered to use the system to track their work on a daily basis.

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) offers comprehensive services to parents raising children with a disability or who have special needs. PHP provides parents with a wide range of resources, including webinars, workshops, one-on-one consultations, online education, and referrals to other services. 

Like so many social impact organizations, their existing DonorPerfect database helped them track fundraising, but struggled to expand beyond the typical donation data. Staff spent time tracking programs in their own spreadsheets and lost time on multi-step manual data tracking processes. PHP yearned for easy-to-access reports that could help them visualize their impact. 

PHP chose Presence to build an integrated Salesforce solution which would help them get a full picture of their organization. After a collaborative discovery process, Presence built an all-in-one Salesforce system using Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack and Program Management Module (PMM), which laid the foundation for tracking all of PHP’s departments. The new solution centralized PHP’s data in one place, so staff could monitor progress using reports and dashboards.

Presence also connected several apps to PHP’s Salesforce to streamline staff data entry, including Zoom, Constant Contact, Form Assembly, and Google Apps. In the future, Presence’s Zoom integration will allow PHP to import attendee information after a webinar and connect the data to parent information with Salesforce’s PMM, and the Salesforce case functionality. We then built Salesforce automation which will record the webinars as a service provided to the parents. These workflows will cut PHP’s manual work in half. 

In order to ensure a successful transition between the old DonorPerfect database and the new Salesforce solution, Presence guided PHP through data migration and provided train-the-trainer administrator training. 

With help from Presence, PHP will be able to spend less staff time and effort tracking program information, see all their data in one system, and run accessible reports to get a high-level view of the organization.

PHP hero

To learn more about Parents Helping Parents, please visit their website at To learn how Presence can help your organization, email us at or call 415-970-5770.