Internet Service Provider
iiNET future-proofs with custom innovation model.
  • Identified roles to hire for

  • Defined a process to run

  • Established a solid governance model for decision making

  • Operationalized innovation strategy

  • Created opportunity to plan and explore new, sustainable market opportunities

iiNet, Australia’s second-largest DSL Internet provider, became a giant by building on its core strength—innovation. After 20 years of success, the company found itself sliding toward commodity status.

iiNet chose Presence to craft a repeatable, custom innovation process and roadmap. With the roadmap in place, iiNet could focus its investments, determine team structure, identify the right level of governance, and target partnerships and acquisitions that could help drive an idea to market. After gaining support from the Board of Directors and C suite, Presence ran internal teams through “mock innovation” trials to test out the new processes.

With clear roles to hire for, a process to run, and a governance model for decision making, iiNet has the ability to operationalize its innovation strategy plan and organizational design. iiNet can move forward on exploring new and sustainable market opportunities, meeting growth targets set by their shareholders.

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