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Healthier Kids Foundation Develops Tool to Manage Rapid Distribution of Essential Supplies
  • Healthier Kids Foundation and Presence developed new tools for registration, order placement, distribution logistics, and inventory management in only 3 weeks.

  • Parents reported feeling “calm”, “blessed”, and “happy” knowing they were able to get supplies without putting their children at risk. 

When COVID-19 began to impact the US, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5), a funder of health and family support programs, asked Healthier Kids Foundation to manage rapid distribution of essential supplies like diapers for families and Personal Protection Equipment for daycare centers in underserved communities. Healthier Kids Foundation accepted the challenge, but had only three weeks to develop new tools for registration, order placement, distribution logistics, and inventory management. 

Healthier Kids Foundation was using Salesforce for program management and knew they could build the solution on Salesforce with the help of the right partner. They needed a partner with Nonprofit Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud expertise who was innovative -- and fast! 

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Healthier Kids Foundation chose Presence to build their rapid supply distribution solution. Presence used’s Program Management Module (PMM) as the backbone for the implementation. Salesforce was configured to track program engagements, services delivered, and pickup times. 

Using FormAssembly, Presence created registration forms in several different languages, allowing both English speakers and non-English speaking constituents to register for the program. As part of the registration process, constituents completed a needs assessment which provided the organization with key demographic information. Constituents chose the Family Resource Center (FRC) site where they wanted to pick up their order and scheduled their pickup. 

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Salesforce Experience Cloud was implemented for the twenty Family Resource Center (FRC) sites. Based on the demographic data collected during registration, FRC sites could ascertain a constituent’s level of need and identify a funding source. The Experience Cloud implementation included inventory management for each FRC site. A custom check-in Flow was built for the FRCs to use when a participant came to pick up supplies. 

This new system was first used by pilot sites during the second week of June 2020. Parents have reported feeling “calm”, “blessed”, and “happy” knowing they were able to get the supplies without putting their children at risk. As one program participant stated, "When I got my package I was super impressed and surprised. I was extremely happy because this helped our family very much, you have no idea. This allowed me to stay home with no worries of running out of diapers..."

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Programs like FIRST 5/Healthier Kids Foundation’s rapid COVID supply distribution is a powerful example of using technology to meet practical needs in underserved communities. Providing an accessible means to order supplies reduced barriers to essential services during an unprecedented time. 

To learn more about Healthier Kids Foundation, please visit their website at To learn how Presence can ready your organization for a true digital transformation, email us at or call 415-970-5770.