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Team Development Options for Force.com
By Mike Havrilla
February 21, 2017

Fellow Salesforce developers, you know the drill; you likely have a team of developers, a production instance of Salesforce, a full copy sandbox we’ve named QA (because that’s it’s rightful place), maybe a dev integration sandbox, and, if we’re lucky enough, each developer gets their own sandbox…copacetic, right? It allows each developer to pull down the metadata into their trusty IDE, write some code that compiles and works correctly…the first time!

How could you ever need anything more? Well, if you’re like me, you’re aware that the most tedious part of this process is the actual deployment of all of that metadata (both code and configuration) to each environment. In this article I’m going to outline a few approaches that make the entire process less onerous, as well as let you get back to focusing more on code, and less on how to deploy it.

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