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Taking action during COVID-19: rapid supply distribution
By Sara Chieco
July 7, 2020

As COVID-19 began to impact the US, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5), a funder of health and family support programs, requested Healthier Kids Foundation, a terrific nonprofit that works to level the playing field in early childhood education, health and family support, to take on management and scheduling of baby supply distribution, as well as PPE for daycare centers.

These distributions would be occurring at approximately 20 Family Resource Center (FRC) sites. Parents would need to register and choose a specific date and time at one of the sites, and also be scheduled (and reminded) for at least two subsequent pickups.  Healthier Kids Foundation was also asked to collect demographic information about the parents and children, as well as complete a needs assessment at the time of registration and approximately every month after that. 

Healthier Kids Foundation already uses Salesforce.com with Volunteers for Salesforce to manage their programs and track assessments for their constituents. Healthier Kids Foundation needed to pivot quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic to handle the new request from FIRST 5, with just 3 weeks to develop tools for managing distribution / scheduling of baby supply & daycare PPE, as well as inventory management for each item.

Presence was engaged to be their implementation partner.

Presence was able to get a new community up and running on Salesforce in the desired timeframe, with inventory management for each FRC site, as well as a custom check-in flow that the sites use when a participant comes to pick up supplies. This new system was first used by pilot sites during the second week of June. The new Salesforce.org Program Management Module (PMM) was used as the backbone of this implementation along with Volunteers for Salesforce to track program engagements, services delivered, and pickup times. Presence also utilized Form Assembly to create a number of program registration forms in different languages that integrate with Salesforce to allow families to register for the program, determine their funding source based on a variety of factors, and enable them to choose a location and time to schedule their pickup.

The new community has been a great success thus far - Healthier Kids Foundation has had many clients served and a multitude of individual items delivered.

Signs of success: 

"When I got my package I was super impressed and surprised. I was extremely happy because this helped our family very much, you have no idea. This allowed me to stay home with no worries of running out of diapers. And it was also very sweet for you to have included the toy, Kimberly loved it. Thank you again"

"Ever since COVID 19 I have not been able to work and I have not been able to provide my baby with his everyday essentials. I am constantly worrying about the items he needs once I am running low. I also worry for his safety when I go out which I try not too much. When I received my package, I was so excited and happy. I felt much calm because I won’t have to worry about my baby’s diapers which he really needed. I felt so blessed to have all of the items I ordered. I was so excited  about it which is why I shared the pictures of my baby with his things."


For more information and to support these important organizations:

Healthier Kids Foundation https://hkidsf.org/ is a family forward health agency that gives children and those who love them the education and cutting edge tools they rightfully deserve to live a healthy life.  Healthier Kids Foundation believes preventative care at an early age makes things fair. Every day, they work side-by-side with families to identify and eliminate kids’ health issues before they even begin.

 FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5) www.first5kids.org invests millions of Proposition 10 tobacco tax dollars each year towards effective programs in early education, health, and family support. FIRST 5 provides tailored services to children and families experiencing the highest level of need, to positively affect the health and well-being of all young children in Santa Clara County.