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Supporting Rising Tech Leaders
By Angela Adams
January 31, 2023

For many newcomers, the tech industry can be an intimidating place. Experienced professionals in the field have a wealth of knowledge that could benefit new talent, but without the chance to learn from them, these people may not reach their potential in the industry. That’s why investing your time to share your experience and skills with newcomers to the tech industry is so important.

By engaging in mentorship programs, or simply offering advice when asked, experienced professionals can help shape the future of tech by helping new entrants develop their skillsets and gain valuable insights into how things work. Mentoring allows established pros to pass on their knowledge and potentially set up budding technologists for success — something which they may never have achieved on their own.

This act of generosity doesn't just benefit youngsters entering the field; it can also be incredibly rewarding for experienced professionals as well! Not only do mentors get the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a real difference by imparting useful information, but they often find themselves learning something, too. Through mentor-mentee relationships, veteran workers can remain current on trends in their fields of expertise and stay ahead of technological advances.

Kevin Zagala, Presence iOs Automation Test Lead, recently met with students from Palawan State University of the Philippines as part of a regional pitching competition. The students pitched their ideas to Kevin and he shared his feedback and provided advice and guidance on possible tech stacks they could use to implement their projects.

Two of the teams (Gora and NannyCare) placed 1st and 2nd in the competition, and the 3rd team (Kanila) has already built out a staging app/proof-of-concept.

Palawan University Winners

Kevin has regularly scheduled sessions with the students, in which they share status updates. Kevin’s long-term goal is to support the students through angel investments, technical advice, and networking opportunities.

Kevin remarks “I am very impressed by their drive, determination, and ability to achieve their goals, and I fully believe the sky is the limit for them.” 

Although sharing experience and skills with newcomers does require an investment of time and energy from more experienced folks in tech, it can ultimately lead to bigger rewards down the line for everyone involved — from those who were generous enough to provide guidance to those who received it.

Presence is proud of Kevin’s decision to give back by supporting future tech leaders.

You can find more information on each project via the links below:

Gora: https://lnkd.in/gxHDE98V

NannyCare: https://lnkd.in/gNS-eE4n

Kanila: https://lnkd.in/gvgp3z47