Makena Capital Management
Makena Capital Management Develops New Investor Portal, Improving Tax Documentation and Communication
  • New Investor Portal provides enhanced insights and documentation to clients

  • Makena’s clients report improvement in functionality and reporting

  • 71% of Investment Portal users now maintain an active account

Investment management has evolved, becoming more and more competitive and service-oriented. Leading firms realize the tremendous opportunity each client touchpoint holds for demonstrating expertise and delivering a superb customer experience. 

Makena Capital Management had a vision for a re-imagined Investor Portal; one that would better serve their growing client base by increasing reliability and efficiency. Makena also wanted their Investor Portal to make it easier for clients to take advantage of high-value services. In addition, Makena’s then-current portfolio and tax document and communication features posed challenges for clients; these were identified as key areas of improvement for the new portal. 

Presence worked with Makena Capital Management to build and relaunch a bespoke Makena Investor Platform. Through discovery, Makena provided critical insight into their business needs and priorities, enabling Presence to build a product that would truly serve the needs of Makena clients instead of forcing an off-the-shelf solution to fit. The new Investor Portal solved for the tax documentation and communication issues and addressed concerns related to client access, security, and browser compatibility. Makena Capital Management now has a fully customized platform with the capability to grow the platform in the future.

To test the new portal, Makena used the portal to communicate with 2000 users; no major technological problems were encountered. After further tests of the Makena Investor Platform, Makena’s clients reported an improved experience and feeling the site functioned in a way that made access to portfolio information more efficient.

After launching the Makena Investor Platform, 71% of its users now maintain an active account. This increase in users maintaining their accounts exceeded projected expectations, and serves as an early indicator of success. 

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