Virtual Reality and Your Product Development Process
Author:Dale Knauss
Date:December 21st, 2016

by Dale Knauss and Jason Monberg

As we look at what it takes to develop non-gaming VR products, their separation from gaming becomes very important. Many video game studios have well established processes for working with 3D and immersive audio experiences – the cornerstones of VR experiences. They are able to start with their existing approach, and make adjustments for VR-specific challenges like locomotion and frame rate consistency within the experience. They are not changing their approach so much as working through a new presentation of their existing products.

Developing business products in VR, however, is like creating a new sport by combining American Football and what the rest of the world calls Football. They both take place on a field and there are two teams trying to score points with a ball, but outside these similarities it isn’t entirely clear where to begin.

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