6 Take-aways from Citizen Inc.’s Connected Thinking Panel
Author:Galen Myers
Date:May 24th, 2016

Citizen Inc.’s Panel “The Connected Thinking Series: Health and Fitness” on Wednesday, May 18th contained a wealth of connected health topics. These are some of my favorite take-aways:

- Human nature provides significant barriers to behavior change — with neuroscientist Alexander Stevens on the panel, it was interesting to hear the science behind our early learnings in the lifestyle health wearable segment. We had to design products around scientifically explainable areas of user retention and cognitive load.

- User needs change over time — products must evolve as users’ needs change through interaction with products. This is the desired outcome in most cases, and has to inform the product’s evolution as you grow with your users.

- Adoption AND Retention — while care across the perioperative cycle spans short and long-term engagement goals, there are similar challenges to overcome with lowering the barrier for use, and providing the right extrinsic motivation to drive participation.

- Products are trying to do too much — created by well meaning subject matter experts, product designers, and engineers, service offerings can be bloated with too many features for too many customers. This creates confusion, many times hiding the most valuable offering, resulting in lower adoption and engagement.

- Reported vs Observed Behavior — as health organizations use technology to engage their users, the errors in reported vs observed behavior will decrease. The doctor will know if you have decreased mobility after a hip-replacement, using data analytics and insights and phone/wearables to track your success, enabling proactive (and accurate) intervention.

- Regulation & Compliance — many useful consumer health products intentionally stop short of HIPAA regulatory compliance due to the increased cost, but these (or their ingredient technology) can still be used as part of the platform for managing healthcare scenarios.

We are at an interesting confluence of service offering and product design, technology, and data analytics and insights. As we work on these challenges with our clients, it will be exciting to see the results; people living healthier lives, at a lower financial cost to them and service providers, through frictionless experiences that are tailored to the user’s biggest needs.