Stamen, a San Francisco-based design and technology studio, had built a list of impressive clients by creating beautiful and sophisticated interactive data visualizations. But with success came the inevitable growing pains. Stamen struggled to find the right front-end partner for each new project in time to meet tight deadlines and high customer expectations. Plus, servicing a wide variety of clients ate up all their time, leaving them without the breathing room to source the development team necessary to support the studio’s portfolio of business.

The design studio called Presence with a two-tiered brief: One, provide on-demand development and project management support on big, complex projects to enable swift, high-quality delivery. Two, create a streamlined technical project scoping and management approach.

To fully enable Stamen’s creative approach, Presence embedded a team inside the design studio. They quickly mastered Stamen’s systems and tools and produced a custom framework for faster, easier development of data visualizations.

Stamen has tapped Presence for support on a number of high-profile projects in the past year. When Stamen designed a unique and innovative Atlas of Emotion for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Presence tackled the difficult build in record time. When National Geographic asked Stamen for a rich, intricate interactive web feature on the human impact on Amazonia, Presence was on hand to create a sophisticated front-end to match Stamen’s cartographical and visual storytelling. And Presence delivered Stamen’s technical expertise when the company partnered with Toyota for the Toyota OnRamp Challenge, a large-scale, one-day event to promote the Toyota iRoad, a sustainable, three-wheel compact, and the Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle.

A new and improved approach to scoping and development project management means greater efficiency and smoother growth for Stamen. And with Presence available to provide instant development expertise and muscle, Stamen has the peace of mind of knowing they are covered whatever outsize challenge walks through the door next.