From Project to Product

For the 25 million children potentially at risk for amblyopia, access to vision screenings can make the difference between permanent blindness and a lifetime of sight. Gobiquity’s flagship product, GoCheck Kids, brings comprehensive vision screening to more of those kids by way of an iPhone app. So when Gobiquity came to Presence looking for help turning their core technology into a healthy business, we were eager to help.

A pediatrician can open GoCheck Kids, take a photo of their patient’s eyes, and let Gobiquity’s algorithms and experts do the rest. The result is a comprehensive vision screening at a fraction of the cost of going to see a specialist.

Gobiquity’s needs were twofold: One, take the core of their photo analysis technology and turn it into a production-ready app. Two, build a solid, sustainable process around their existing development team.


A Modern App for Medical Professionals

Gobiquity came to us with some core functionality already in place. They also had a legacy technology system in place. We took their basic capability — taking pictures of patients’ eyes — and we built the application around it, adding features like logging, editing user data, and creating child profiles. Then we worked with the Gobiquity team to integrate it with the legacy system.

The result was an app built with modern best practices. We developed in React Native to maximize iPhone/Android compatibility from a single codebase, which accelerated the development process. Everything was integrated with Gobiquity’s existing backend API.


Engineering Healthy Processes

The existing development group at Gobiquity was a one hundred percent distributed team. So the first thing we did was bring everybody together in our San Francisco office. Working with a client to refine existing processes is a big part of what Presence does. For Gobiquity, we actually engineered their process from scratch.

We introduced a mature agile process into their company, and worked with them, both on-site and in the weeks following, to adjust the process to meet their specific needs. They embraced what we presented, and it allowed us to both deliver a product and leave them in good shape to continue developing without us.

By the end of our engagement with Gobiquity, the two sides of our work had come together. The technology and processes were in place for their internal team to move forward on their own.