Professional Sports
NextFan prototypes a revolutionary fan experience.
  • Working proof of concept enabled advanced negotiations with investors and clients

  • No need to build out client engineering team; experienced Presence teams integrated seamlessly

  • Significant client savings in time and resources

NextFan provides real-time athlete biometrics and equipment data to live TV feeds and mobile devices. With major motorsports organizations lining up to start product trials in under six months, NextFan brought Presence the following brief: Evaluate available biometric sensors and hardware manufacturers for suitability, then use the winners to create a working prototype complete with always-on data capture, transmission from the motorcycle to a back-end server, and visualization of the data over live video. The timeframe? Four weeks.

Within days, Presence assembled a group of expert digital back and front-end developers, hardware systems engineers, and designers. They powered through the biometric sensor suitability assessment and began mapping the systems architecture and navigating the challenges of working with the sensors’ proprietary software and hardware data services. Early tests took place at Presence, but soon moved outdoors to replicate real-life motorcycle racing scenarios. The prototype was delivered successfully--and on time.